Wedding Wonderfulness

Beautiful moments, so fleeting…saved for all time.

A lean on her shoulder pastoral soft light

Beautiful Bride final

Holding hands around corner

Ceremony Merge Final

Vows BW

Leaning on his shoulder

Love is a sweet moment

Golden Bride

5G8A0156 dress with flowers

flower bout

5G8A0236 girls in denim in a row 4x6

5G8A0232 girls in the graphic room

5G8A0285 prayer before wedding

5G8A0615 selfie

5G8A0642 the kiss

5G8A0647 groom points recessional

5G8A0357 a smile exiting the bus

5G8A0430 all on the bridge soft clarity

5G8A0526 boys walk down hill split tone

5G8A0495 all in a row

5G8A0499 socks lined up

5G8A0293 he ties her shoes

5G8A0463 this almost kiss

5G8A0461 this kiss

5G8A0298 cute on the couch

the first love

bride silhouette