Graduates. Milestones. Memories.

High school seniors, defining who they are, who they plan to become and showing the world in a picture. And the details matter: setting, wardrobe, mood–it is all important.  Getting this moment right is important to me.  I want every senior to see their own confidence, potential, beauty, possibility and a hope-filled future.

5G8A0077 Full Rez Edit with WM

5G8A0100 Monday Edit

Soccer composite-flat with sharpeningFierce2019 reedit final for website

window sill SM

Urban Girl final too SM

Lollipop with lithe filter

Belle Isle Baby Final SM

Boy and his dog portrait matte for website

havana reedit

Looking back on tracks darker tones

sitting in the wall matte


Sweetness reedit too

by the golden lagoon

Confidence is sexy! Final Matte

re edit ila with red trees

Serious Vintage for website

fists on chin final for website

reedit 2019

brick wall matte with sharp fixed

Chilled final

Swirl final SM with lithe filter

Magenta Man matte

Behind the horn one eyeball option two

Danny on the picnic table with sunset

hands on hips graffiti SM

Looking down at guitar black and white

Sweet headshot with sharpening

reedit of beach

blue and silver

BW re edit of ila and horse

Behind the French square

Fiercer sharper

Rosie reedit

Danny bad ass black and white sharpened

Gents sharp