Paparazzi for a Day

When you have a special event that you want to document, but you don’t want to spend the whole day observing the action, you want to be the center of it. Paparazzi for a Day will capture the most memorable of moments: the proposal, the party, the family reunion, or a night on the town, and you can be free to be the rock-star you are.

Gents sharp

Danny matte

Magenta Man matte

Dashing in purple II

Chilled final

Golden matte

Side glance ii.jpg

flower bout

5G8A0968 disco party

sweet moment

the moment with silhouette for fb

love sweet love


PQ pastoral two

PQ nuzzle

Beauty shot

golden rosie

5G8A0681 the groovy room

5G8A0353 Cool customer

5G8A0776 two gents stark

banana boat

Jimi runs


pooch smooch for fb


brick wall matte with sharp fixed

tunnel of love

Ann in rose light

heart hands

Jimi and Molly in RMNP