For Whimsy’s Sake

From a simple portrait to a piece of art, if you can imagine it, it can be done.  I can make your child fly, among other things…

Belly kiss cropped pastoral final warmed up

Where Babies Come from too watermark

11 x 14 Jimi shark

Molly and falcon

Christina Bridedala


Molly with wand and sparkles sharpen

Molly and bird house updated in 2018

wizards in winter blue

nuzzle three

ellie meditates three

one-eyed hooper

Hula against black with fog

Jimi all boy desaturate

Winged child

Molly looks up final no layers

Molly rests with aviary this

Jimi bug cool edited

Molly and swans update 2018

Jimi B drives the bus ii

ellie tree pose two